If you are a restaurant manager, you should know that the menu that you present to your customers must imperatively take effect. A well-built map with a clear and simple menu is to be preferred. Today, we present our menu-protectors available in our Kitchen & Catering shop. An indispensable tool for the image of your restaurant!

Conventional menus

This is the most popular type of menu shield on our shop, our best seller! In A5 or A4 format, there really is something for everyone. With a PVC or imitation leather cover, many menu protectors are available according to the image you want to give from your restaurant.

In addition, there are also special menus for drinks and wines. This will allow you to lighten your menu card, but it is also a good alternative for breweries or bars.

The LED menu display

The menu displays with LED is a must-have if you want a room with a really classy look. Evening meals will be served in a very appreciated atmosphere of your customers. A little more expensive to buy this type of display-menu however is the guarantee of a unique room!

LED menu display

Simply store your menus

Because our shop really thinks about everything, we also offer a wide range of menu storage solutions. These accessories will allow you to keep your menus in good condition and it will also avoid your servers scatter them all over the place. You can also buy these range-menus directly with the protections menus sold in the shop.

multi menu storage