In general, the choice of freezer is based on two main criteria: the area available in your kitchen and the number of people who use it. It is only after you have determined these two elements that you are going to talk about options. Moreover, it is difficult to say that one product is better than another, because each freezer has its specificity, especially since manufacturers are increasingly innovating in the design of this appliance. If you require futher help or information about commercial freezers, do not hesitate to contact us or view our shop.

The main selection criteria

The available space in your kitchen

The freezer is essential in your kitchen to keep your food. To invest in this product, it is necessary to define in advance the important points to be taken into account. Indeed, the first criterion of selection concerns the surface dedicated to the freezer in your home. You will therefore focus your attention on the dimensions of your future freezer. If you have limited space, a space saving freezer will do the trick, as it occupies only a few centimeters. In this case, the imposing models are to be banished. On the other hand, if you have enough room to accommodate a large item, the size of the freezer will not cause you any problems. In fact, the dimension criterion will avoid unpleasant surprises in the installation of your freezer.

The capacity of the freezer

The second choice criterion refers to the number of users. How many mouths should be fed? To do this, you should check the capacity of the device. However, it is recommended to opt for a freezer under 250L for a household of one to 3 people. Beyond this capacity, they are models dedicated to large families. Otherwise, very large freezers of 500L or more are used for heavy use. You might find these types of Freezer in the fish shops or in the kitchen of a restaurant.

Other considerations

Energy consumption

Given that the freezer is an electrical appliance, that is, which operates through electricity, energy consumption will be the next essential point to consider. It goes from class A +++, the most economical to class G, the most greedy. Users tend to look for the most economical way to reduce their electricity bills.

Moreover, the freezer is connected continuously, which requires a high energy. Some brands of freezers are considered to be more economical than others. Note that the A + class saves you 22% energy, A + + 44% and A + + + 66%. It is true that these devices are more expensive than those of class A, but on top of that, you would participate in an ecological effort for the planet.

Not only is your freezer economical, but it is also environmentally friendly. So do not hesitate to buy a slightly more expensive device that will save you money afterwards.

The new features

Appliance manufacturers have equipped new features in freezers, making choosing more difficult . In other words, we are witnessing a real technical innovation with the new generation freezers. These options are essentially aimed at making the use of this appliance more comfortable and practical. Among these revolutionary options are:

    Automatic gel:

this is an automatic ice making. It is a fast freezing system allowing a very large quantity of fresh products to freeze quickly.

    The "EasyOpening" system :

this function confers an easy opening by means of depressurization channel. In this way, it is easier to open the door.

    The Led display:

Many Freezer have this technology. Light-emitting diodes are often dedicated to control or even adjustment. In other words, this function is presented as a control screen not only to monitor temperatures but also to easily adjust them.

    The "Spacewise" option:

it is a new system of storage baskets. It provides an optimized organization of your food with better accessibility. It should be noted that this system does not use drawers.

    Super insulation:

this function consists in isolating as far as possible the frozen products stored in the freezer, in order to keep them in cool.

Different types of freezer

There are several kinds of freezer although the freezer cabinet and chest freezer are the best known.

    The freezer cabinet

The freezer wardrobe is no longer to present, as it is the most widespread these days. Most of the time, it is paired with a refrigerator one door. This type of freezer is available in several sizes. It usually includes drawers or lockers to store food. In its location, it occupies only a minimal place on the ground. This makes it easy to integrate into the kitchen.

slim line commercial freezers

    The chest freezer

The chest freezer which is characterized by its opening from the top. The main advantage of this article is that the products are more accessible because you do not have to kneel to take them. Indeed, it is bulky, but it allows to store in large quantity the food. It is most often baskets to compartmentalize the distribution of food.

commercial chest freezers for sale

    Under counter freezers

The under counter freezer is intended for the storage of small quantities of foodstuffs such as small bottles and cans. This is another type of small cabinet freezer as it opens to the side. It can also incorporate an outdoor kitchen or an office.

commercial under counter freezers

    The built-in freezer

The built-in freezer or freezer room is inserted into a kitchen cabinet, it is also called a freezer cupboard. Also called an integrable freezer, as it was designed to be placed as part of the kitchen. In this context, its door is identical to that of the furniture of the kitchen.

walk in freezer room

Refrigeration systems used in freezers

Freezers do not all cool in the same way. Moreover, the cooling systems are divided into 3 modes including static cooling, cold SmartFrost and NoFrost ventilated cooling.

Static cold: with this system, the cold spreads naturally. It is therefore important to think about classifying commodities according to the different temperature levels. This type of cooling offers high freezing and high quality insulation without generating additional energy consumption. However, defrosting must be done manually and regularly to prevent frost deposits in the unit. The only way to save money with a freezer in the static cooling system is to maintain it.

The SmartFrost cold: this system is also called cold StopFrost. It works exactly the same way as static cold, except that it guarantees up to 80% less frost. This means fewer de-icing problems, but also lower electricity bills. Generally, cabinet freezers are equipped with the SmartFrost system and StopFrost chest freezers.

Ventilated cooling: it is better known as the NoFrost system. It produces the same temperature throughout the freezer. Therefore, you do not have to store foods according to temperature levels. The major advantage of the NoFrost system is that it creates no frost. However, this type of cold does not exist in chest freezers.

The advantage of using the freezer

The commercial freezer is a very important material in the professional kitchen because you can store all kinds of food. Moreover, its refrigeration system aims to keep the foods fresh, even over a very long time. In the event of a power failure, the freezer has a sufficiently long battery life to avoid defrosting the products. As you are a helpful help, think about taking care of it .

How to maintain your freezer?

As an appliance, servicing the freezer plays a role in its proper functioning. On the other hand, a lack of maintenance can lead to a bad odor and taste on food. Let us also remember that the cold that it generates does not kill the bacteria, it neutralizes them only. As a result, a little cleaning is required. You do not have to do it every month, 2 to 3 times a year is ample enough. To do this, clean the inside with a sponge soaked in a product such as white vinegar. Pass on all corners, namely, grills, seals and bins. Then rinse with a clean, dry cloth. Otherwise, for the maintenance of the exterior, use a washerwasher. The most delicate part is the ventilation grille behind, be very careful when dusting.