Commercial fryers for catering kitchens - Hints and tips on buying

A few but valuable tips on choosing a professional fryer that suits your eatery.

People running ' restaurant business knows, the secret of good frying it's good for the taste buds and be more lightweight as possible for its customers, is right in the equipment, or the deep fryer !

The fryer, it allows you to quickly bring the oil to the right temperature , while remaining constant . In the world of fryers, however, there is a distinct difference between those professionals and those in use domestic . Those professionals are indistinguishable from those for domestic use primarily for capacity , for cooking times and especially for the ability resistance to work without interruption. So, nothing is more appropriate than a professional fryer inside a commercial catering kitchen.

However, those who come to take the first steps in this area, does not always know how to choose a professional fryer that is suitable fortheir purposes.

Doing it, however, is easier than you think and read the following post help you make the most appropriate choice.

How to make the right choice

The first thing to consider is the size and style of the fryer that you want to acquire, with respect to those types of frying are served in your room and how many people will be served. Free standing chip fryers are recommended for the busiest of kitchens. Whilst many takeaway shops can get by with a counter top fryer.

counter top fryers

The fryers have a capacity ranging from 4 litres up to 50 litres , and some have more tanks , designed to simultaneously when preparing fried different as those of fish and vegetables, in order not to mix the different flavors together.

To better understand the ability of the fryer suitable for your location, it should take into account that it is advisable to buy a deep fryer 20 litres or bigger for locations who have more than 100 seats, a smaller, however, for maximum of 50 seats would require in the regions of 10 litres.

If you choose an oversized machine will have the following disadvantages :

  • excessive cost management
  • too much oil thrown
  • not amortize the cost of the machine
  • Rates of excessive heating of the oil

standing fryers for chips

Fryer electric or gas? This is the question!

The categories in which they are divided fryers are two: a gas or electric , both with "pros" and "cons" to be reckoned with if you plan to buy one.

The electric fryer has performance better , heats up more quickly the oil temperature and so more uniform with respect to a gas fryer. It is also more economical because, at the time of ' purchase can save even £500 less than buying a gas fryer.

A gas fryer , however, has a lower cost compared to one that works thanks to electricity and is not likely to send in overloading the electrical system.