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Rational Ovens

Thursday, 23 February 2017 10:49:43 Europe/London

Rational combi steamer

rational ovens

In 1973, RATIONAL GmbH was founded as a company for the production and distribution of hot air equipment in Germany. In 1976 Rational invented the Combi-damper, which contributed to the change of the large and commercial kitchens. Today, more than 450,000 Rational combusters are in operation worldwide.

The products offered by Rational , the SelfCooking Center and the CombiMaster , are characterized by a very small footprint, they are called "Minis in the Professional Class" by the manufacturer. In the case of a constant cooking chamber size and a significantly increased range of performance, the space requirement of the floor space is reduced by 28% to conventional combi dampers, regardless of whether it is an electric or gas version.

Rational SelfCooking Center whitefficiency

The heart of the new SelfCooking Center® whitefficiency® is called HiDensityControl . The cooking chamber can now be loaded with 30% more cooking material. In addition, the consumption of conventional combi dampers is 20% lower. The application spectrum has also significantly expanded with HiDensity Control . In addition to fresh pasta products, which can be prepared due to the newly regulated powerful steam generation, baking is now one of the strengths of the new SelfCookingCenter® whitefficiency® .

Also new is EfficientLevelControl . It shows the user which different products can be cooked at the same time. Up to 30% faster food production can be achieved in this way. In addition, each module is individually monitored. Depending on the quantity of the food to be cooked and depending on how often and for how long the door is open, EfficientLevelControl intelligently adjusts the cooking time so that everything is cooked to the point. The operation is also revolutionary. She adapts and learns to do so all the time.

The new CareControl also brings a significant increase in efficiency . It detects the contamination and maintenance condition and always proposes the exact cleaning stage. This saves up to 40% energy, water and chemicals.

Outstanding cooking quality and performance with minimum resource consumption. This is RATIONAL 's new SelfCookingCenter® whitefficiency® . Let yourself be inspired!

The cooking applications of the SelfCooking Center are unrestricted, whether baking, frying, grilling, steaming, steaming, blanching or poaching, all this is possible in one device. There is no taste transfer with a wide range of different products and vitamins, minerals and nutrients are retained. It is possible to use the SelfCooking Control to determine the operating modes, which are divided into Great Bats, Shortbreds, Poultry, Fish, Eggs and Desserts, Side Dishes, Potato Products, Pastry and Finishing. The conventional input of temperature, cooking time, air speed or cooking chamber climate, as well as constant checking and adjustment, have now become superfluous. The SelfCooking Control automatically recognizes the product-specific requirements, the type and size of the food, as well as the feed quantity. The cooking time, the temperature and the ideal cooking space climate are individually calculated and constantly adapted. It is up to 15% faster compared to conventional combi-dampers and the patented steam generator delivers full saturated steam at all times. The possible contact of the food with dirt and pollutants in the water is prevented. Not only the cooking space but the entire system is always cleaned and maintained. It offers a high working safety due to a low insertion height. The top drawer is at a height of only 1.60 m. The Combi-Duo system ensures a double flexibility without additional space. Each Rational SelfCooking Center features a full-length fan, built-in fan wheel brake, handbrake and drip tray, innovative airflow technology, centrifugal grease separation without grease filter, drawer / flap for care tabs, swivel-mounted suspension racks, flow-optimized cooking chamber and rear-ventilated double-glazed door. The SelfCooking Center is absolutely identical in terms of its dimensions, its equipment and its performance, be it in the gas or electric version.

Rational also offers specially designed accessories for unlimited use of the Rational SCC . This is characterized by maximum robustness and is particularly suitable for everyday use in the kitchen. The accessories extend to stainless steel containers and grates in various sizes. There are granite-coated panels and perforated, teflon-coated baking sheets. As well as shelves and cabinets, which are designed according to the applicable hygiene regulations. There are four bench versions available for a self-contained installation of the SelfCooking Center . The thermos cabinet is flexibly adjustable up to 80 ° C. The range also includes lamb and suckling pig spikes for the SelfCooking Center 201 and 202. It is possible to make whole lambs and suckling pigs. It is even possible to use the SelfCooking Center 202 to simultaneously grasp two lamb and suckling pig spikes at the same time.

The condensation technology of the UltraVent condensation hood , which is available for the SelfCooking Center 61/62/101/102/201, fumes and vapors are bound and dissipated. Therefore, no complex measures are required for air-conditioning installations, an external connection is also completely omitted. There is also a hood hood for the 61/101 table-top units from Rational, which, when opening the cooking chamber door, sucks the resulting vapors by means of a blower and directs them into the open air via an external connection. Subsequently possible. Both the installation of the UltraVent condensation hood and the extractor hood for table equipment 61/101 is possible at any time at any time.

The CombiLink is called "virtual assistant" by Ratinonal. The automatic HACCP documentation guarantees a complete hygienic safety. It is possible to create your own cooking programs in the shortest possible time, as well as free access to countless RATIONAL cooking programs on the Internet. The Finishing system consists of deckhorse racking and thermocover . The dish rack carriages are suitable for plates up to 31 cm in diameter and have a capacity of 120 plates. With this Thermocover, it is possible to bridge the service life of 20 minutes to the output.

It is no longer necessary to warm the food in warm-proof cabinets or in the display cabinets by finishing in the SelfCooking Center . With this, it is no longer important how many foods should be kept warm, because preparation to the point is possible. Immediately after the production in the SelfCooking Center , the food is cooled and an undesirable propagation is avoided. Shortly before demand, the Finishing in the SelfCooking Center brings the food exactly to completion. So it is also possible that barbecues can not be prepared more quickly in 50 minutes, but in 18 Miunten. The barbecue chicken are pre-produced with low browning, after this production they are cooled in the Rational SelfCooking Center to avoid unwanted further cooking. These are kept refrigerated for up to ten days. The final tan and crispiness are obtained through finishing at the desired time. A preparation of the desired roasts and the type of preparation, it is irrelevant which should be prepared, overnight is possible. The meat is simply raw in the cooking chamber, this is automatically counted and with ClimaSoft gently cooked. It is a particularly gentle ripening process without quality loss and preparation of different meat and poultry types in a feeding overnight. The weight loss and cutting loss of the raw material insert is reduced by 50% less. All this is possible by a simple push-button printing.

The CombiGrill grate , thanks to its amazing high thermal conductivity, ensures the perfect grill pattern on shortbread, fish or vegetables, regardless of whether fresh or frozen products. Adhesion of the products on the GriddleGrid is the TRILAX preventing coating. It is possible to prepare 100 steaks with a perfect grill pattern in only 11 minutes.

With the SelfCooking Center it is possible to offer open-fresh pizzas in whatever way. Up to 100 pre-cooked pizzas with a diameter of up to 28 cm can be prepared in 10 minutes with the special non-stick coated pizza molds on the pallets.

The Multibaker offers the inexpensive possibility to fry a large amount of fried eggs and omelettes. Adhesion of these dishes is prevented by the special Teflon coating.

With the CombiFry it is possible to prepare 200 portions of pre-fried french fries in just 15 minutes without fat. The costs for the purchase, the storage and the fat disposal completely.

Furthermore, Rational offers the patented Chicken Superspike and Duck Superspike . The standing arrangement of the chicken and ducks ensures a particularly juicy breast meat as well as crispy and uniformly tanned skin. In the SelfCooking Center, baking has become a simple matter of touch printing. It is not necessary to set the temperature, the baking time, the air speed or the humidity, the control and adjustment as well as the complicated programming is no longer necessary.

CareControl automatically recognizes the current degree of pollution, the general state of care, and calculates the optimal cleaning process for reduced chemical, water and energy consumption. Through this cleaning, the SelfCooking Center with CareControl is hygienically clean and shiny.

Rational CombiMaster Plus

The Rational CombiMaster is characterized by a high level of versatility and easy operation. Models of the CombiMaster are the CombiMaster 61, CombiMaster 62, CombiMaster 101, CombiMaster 102, CombiMaster 201 and CombiMaster 202. The CombiMaster has five selectable operating modes, steaming at 100 ° C, hot air 30-300 ° C, combi steaming at 30- 300 ° C, Vario steaming and the finishing function . The steaming mode is perfect for blanching, cooking, steaming, cooking and sources due to its even and gentle cooking. It generates by means of the high-performance fresh steam generator by hygienic fresh steam and this with a very short heating-up time.

The hot air is not only suitable for roasting, grilling, gratining or baking, but also for the preparation of frozen convenience. The combi steaming combines steam and hot air around the food to protect it from drying out, to minimize weight loss and to ensure even browning. This operating mode is ideal for roasting, stewing, stewing and glazing.

The Vario steaming allows the poaching, simmering, brothing or the vacuum cooking of delicate dishes with a precise maintenance of the cooking chamber temperature. Thanks to the finishing function, the food is not only kept warm, but is brought to completion, irrespective of the number of meals.

Rational Cleaner

Rational also offers various care products with active long-term protection. These care products have been specifically developed for the Rational SelfCooking Center and Combi Dämpfer. These offer the best cleaning results, through the effective elimination of protection and lime, they are very productive and provide long-term care, maximum hygienic safety for healthy food and guarantee a minimal cost for cleaning and care. In addition, the care products of Rational are easily biodegradable according to OECD 301B. The following products are offered: Rational Cleaner Tabs for all SelfCooking Centers, Rational Care Tab for all SelfCooking Centers with CareControl, Rational rinse tabs for SelfCoking Center without CareControl and Liquid Cleaner for the CombiMaster and ClimaPlus Combi . The Rational SelfCooking Center and the CombiMaster are also available in special versions. The special versions for the Rational SelfCooking Center are available for ships, prisons, as well as the Rational SelfCooking Center with integrated grease sequence. The CombiMaster is available in special versions for ships, prisons and sous-vide cooking .

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Choosing a Professional Dishwasher

Monday, 20 February 2017 09:56:40 Europe/London

Regardless of the number of people visiting your restaurant , you are required to wash large quantities of dishes , glasses , utensils every day . For this, you need an efficient dishwasher that is suited to your needs. It is a significant investment and it is better not to be mistaken. This article will help you make the best choice.

Different types of commercial dishwashers

There are several types: frontal opening , with cover in tunnel or even washing batteries , the glass washer or washing utensils. All these products are larger and more powerful than a domestic dishwasher.

The front dishwasher

The front -mounted dishwasher is the closest to the domestic dishwasher. Indeed, it is presented in the same way, with a door on the front. This dishwasher can be installed on the floor, under a plunge with a special fitting. It can also be placed in height up to 120 cm for a better comfort of use or to be above the drain network of the water and do not need a pump of drainage.

This model is generally suitable for small and medium catering , which serves between 40 and 120 covers a day.

commercial dishwashers

The hood dishwasher

This one is more suited to the average and the great catering , which serves every day from 100 to 300 covers . It can be combined with an input table and an output table for prewashing, filling baskets, drying the dishes and emptying the baskets. These tables are often made of stainless steel , and sometimes tailor-made to fit perfectly to the space of your kitchen. The dishwasher and the two tables are assembled together by a hooking system.

This type of machine offers better performance than the front-opening dishwasher. It is faster and more comfortable to use thanks to its sliding systems between the washing area and the inlet and outlet tables.

pass through dishwashers

The tunnel / automatic-feed dishwasher

The dishwasher with an automatic shift , also called " tunnel" is built on the same principle as that hood , but the baskets automatically advance between areas: pre-wash, wash, rinse and drying.

It is this type of machine that allows the best performance . It is generally used by very large kitchens that serve more than 600 covers . They have a yield that can range from 1500 plates per hour to up to 4000 plates per hour depending on the model.

commercial pass through dishwashers

The glass washer

The glasswashers are specially designed for washing glasses and cups. They are ideal for cafes , bars , brasseries ... We advise you to choose your glasswasher depending on the size of your glasses . If you use high glasses, you may not be able to use them if you do not pay attention to this point at the time of purchase.

commercial glasswasher

Ware-washers and utensil washers

These machines are derivatives of the dishwasher but specialized for certain types of utensils. The dishwashers, for example, are specially designed for cooking utensils: pans, pans, etc. The washing utensils are suitable for cleaning kitchen utensils or trays.

commercial utility washer

What factors to consider when choosing a professional dishwasher?

To choose a suitable device, it must first assess its needs in terms of performance: front for small kitchens, midsize kitchens may opt for a frontal machine or hood , and kitchens should rather be directed towards the hood dishwashers or automatic advancement .

Finally, there are a few criteria to consider when choosing between different models:

  • The presence of a double wall reduces the heat loss, and also the noise.
  • Some machines make it possible to save water thanks to an intelligent filling system .
  • Some dishwashers offer a steam management system , including automatic feeders.
  • If the water in your community is hard, opt for a machine with an integrated water softener
  • Depending on the location of your machine, you may need a drain pump .
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Freezer Comparison and Buying Guide

Monday, 13 February 2017 14:04:42 Europe/London

In general, the choice of freezer is based on two main criteria: the area available in your kitchen and the number of people who use it. It is only after you have determined these two elements that you are going to talk about options. Moreover, it is difficult to say that one product is better than another, because each freezer has its specificity, especially since manufacturers are increasingly innovating in the design of this appliance. If you require futher help or information about commercial freezers, do not hesitate to contact us or view our shop.

The main selection criteria

The available space in your kitchen

The freezer is essential in your kitchen to keep your food. To invest in this product, it is necessary to define in advance the important points to be taken into account. Indeed, the first criterion of selection concerns the surface dedicated to the freezer in your home. You will therefore focus your attention on the dimensions of your future freezer. If you have limited space, a space saving freezer will do the trick, as it occupies only a few centimeters. In this case, the imposing models are to be banished. On the other hand, if you have enough room to accommodate a large item, the size of the freezer will not cause you any problems. In fact, the dimension criterion will avoid unpleasant surprises in the installation of your freezer.

The capacity of the freezer

The second choice criterion refers to the number of users. How many mouths should be fed? To do this, you should check the capacity of the device. However, it is recommended to opt for a freezer under 250L for a household of one to 3 people. Beyond this capacity, they are models dedicated to large families. Otherwise, very large freezers of 500L or more are used for heavy use. You might find these types of Freezer in the fish shops or in the kitchen of a restaurant.

Other considerations

Energy consumption

Given that the freezer is an electrical appliance, that is, which operates through electricity, energy consumption will be the next essential point to consider. It goes from class A +++, the most economical to class G, the most greedy. Users tend to look for the most economical way to reduce their electricity bills.

Moreover, the freezer is connected continuously, which requires a high energy. Some brands of freezers are considered to be more economical than others. Note that the A + class saves you 22% energy, A + + 44% and A + + + 66%. It is true that these devices are more expensive than those of class A, but on top of that, you would participate in an ecological effort for the planet.

Not only is your freezer economical, but it is also environmentally friendly. So do not hesitate to buy a slightly more expensive device that will save you money afterwards.

The new features

Appliance manufacturers have equipped new features in freezers, making choosing more difficult . In other words, we are witnessing a real technical innovation with the new generation freezers. These options are essentially aimed at making the use of this appliance more comfortable and practical. Among these revolutionary options are:

    Automatic gel:

this is an automatic ice making. It is a fast freezing system allowing a very large quantity of fresh products to freeze quickly.

    The "EasyOpening" system :

this function confers an easy opening by means of depressurization channel. In this way, it is easier to open the door.

    The Led display:

Many Freezer have this technology. Light-emitting diodes are often dedicated to control or even adjustment. In other words, this function is presented as a control screen not only to monitor temperatures but also to easily adjust them.

    The "Spacewise" option:

it is a new system of storage baskets. It provides an optimized organization of your food with better accessibility. It should be noted that this system does not use drawers.

    Super insulation:

this function consists in isolating as far as possible the frozen products stored in the freezer, in order to keep them in cool.

Different types of freezer

There are several kinds of freezer although the freezer cabinet and chest freezer are the best known.

    The freezer cabinet

The freezer wardrobe is no longer to present, as it is the most widespread these days. Most of the time, it is paired with a refrigerator one door. This type of freezer is available in several sizes. It usually includes drawers or lockers to store food. In its location, it occupies only a minimal place on the ground. This makes it easy to integrate into the kitchen.

slim line commercial freezers

    The chest freezer

The chest freezer which is characterized by its opening from the top. The main advantage of this article is that the products are more accessible because you do not have to kneel to take them. Indeed, it is bulky, but it allows to store in large quantity the food. It is most often baskets to compartmentalize the distribution of food.

commercial chest freezers for sale

    Under counter freezers

The under counter freezer is intended for the storage of small quantities of foodstuffs such as small bottles and cans. This is another type of small cabinet freezer as it opens to the side. It can also incorporate an outdoor kitchen or an office.

commercial under counter freezers

    The built-in freezer

The built-in freezer or freezer room is inserted into a kitchen cabinet, it is also called a freezer cupboard. Also called an integrable freezer, as it was designed to be placed as part of the kitchen. In this context, its door is identical to that of the furniture of the kitchen.

walk in freezer room

Refrigeration systems used in freezers

Freezers do not all cool in the same way. Moreover, the cooling systems are divided into 3 modes including static cooling, cold SmartFrost and NoFrost ventilated cooling.

Static cold: with this system, the cold spreads naturally. It is therefore important to think about classifying commodities according to the different temperature levels. This type of cooling offers high freezing and high quality insulation without generating additional energy consumption. However, defrosting must be done manually and regularly to prevent frost deposits in the unit. The only way to save money with a freezer in the static cooling system is to maintain it.

The SmartFrost cold: this system is also called cold StopFrost. It works exactly the same way as static cold, except that it guarantees up to 80% less frost. This means fewer de-icing problems, but also lower electricity bills. Generally, cabinet freezers are equipped with the SmartFrost system and StopFrost chest freezers.

Ventilated cooling: it is better known as the NoFrost system. It produces the same temperature throughout the freezer. Therefore, you do not have to store foods according to temperature levels. The major advantage of the NoFrost system is that it creates no frost. However, this type of cold does not exist in chest freezers.

The advantage of using the freezer

The commercial freezer is a very important material in the professional kitchen because you can store all kinds of food. Moreover, its refrigeration system aims to keep the foods fresh, even over a very long time. In the event of a power failure, the freezer has a sufficiently long battery life to avoid defrosting the products. As you are a helpful help, think about taking care of it .

How to maintain your freezer?

As an appliance, servicing the freezer plays a role in its proper functioning. On the other hand, a lack of maintenance can lead to a bad odor and taste on food. Let us also remember that the cold that it generates does not kill the bacteria, it neutralizes them only. As a result, a little cleaning is required. You do not have to do it every month, 2 to 3 times a year is ample enough. To do this, clean the inside with a sponge soaked in a product such as white vinegar. Pass on all corners, namely, grills, seals and bins. Then rinse with a clean, dry cloth. Otherwise, for the maintenance of the exterior, use a washerwasher. The most delicate part is the ventilation grille behind, be very careful when dusting.

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Which knife for what: The best blade for every purpose - Part 1

Friday, 10 February 2017 12:01:52 Europe/London

As different as the material to be cut can be, then knives can also different. So that you are perfectly equipped for any cutting work in the kitchen, there is an optimal knife for every application, which differs in size, blade shape and cutting edge from others. We guide you through the selection of different types of knives from our online shop, which are part of both the basic and the professional kitchen equipment, and thus give you an overview of the correct use.

Various knives for fruit and vegetables

Special vegetable knives have a short, pointed blade and are also suitable for cutting fruit. Thanks to the straight blade, you can not just clean the food, but also cut it into small pieces or even use the knife to decorate the dishes. Only for peeling you should use a different, a special peeling knife with a curved blade, which can also be used with fruit and vegetables. A specilised peeling knife is a handy addition to any kit.  A Dick premier peeling knife is the ideal choice.

Dick vegetable peeling knife

Various Meat Knives

When it comes to chopping meat, fish or poultry, a whole series of knives are available. A steak knife ensures that you can cut fried meat without any problems. If you want to release meat from bones, a special boning knife will do the job best. Also tendons and fat can be separated from the meat cleanly thanks to the special blade shape. If you want to process fish into thin fillets, it goes without saying that it is a filmmaker a specilized fish knife is required. If you want to cut meat into thin slices, then a ham slicer with its narrow and thin blade is a very good choice. Wooden cutting boards are the best materials for good knives.

Dick premium ham slicer

Bread Knives

Whether bread rolls or bread - the bread knife can be used for various types of bread. Important is here a pronounced waves, so that bread with thick or hard crust can be well "sawn". Knives, which are not particularly suitable for breads, bluntly cut off very quickly during cutting and are also difficult to handle. For choosing the right bread knife, the longer the blade, the more precisely the cuts fall out. On average the lengths of the blades are about 21 to 26 cm. Another advantage of the knives is that they can also be cut into pineapples or melons - even into mouth-friendly pieces or in fine slices. In our online shop you will find the high- quality Red Spirit Dick bread knife (length: 26 cm), which ensure an exact cut, comfortably in the hand and thus perfectly meet the ergonomic requirements of ambitious hobby chefs and professional cooks. The red glowing handle also provides another highlight and underlines the special features of the Red Spirit knife series. If you have a blade of 26 cm too long, you can also easily avoid the 1905 thick bread knife, which comes with a blade length of 21 cm.

dick professional bread knife

Chef Knives - The most important knife of the cook

For almost every cook the chef knife is the most important tool and a true all-rounder - so it functions as a versatile universal knife. Cooking knives are available with slightly longer blades of approx. 20 cm. The long blade ensures a smooth cut with little handgrips. In general, however, the shorter the blade, the easier the handling is for beginners. Depending on your preference and use, it is available in various lengths. You will find Dick 1905 chef knife with a blade length of 21 cm. These chef knives stand for traditional features, high quality workmanship and exceptional design. Optics and processing meet today's prevailing hygiene requirements in the kitchen.

chef knife

Santoku Knives

Asian knives are considered to be particularly sharp and efficient. So the Santoku knife - this multitalent with Japanese origin is excellent for the three virtues and therefore for the three most important ingredients: fish, meat and vegetables. The difference to European knives can be seen in the fact that the blades are significantly thinner and wider (see picture). The Santokumesser with the Chinese chef knife the highest use of Asian knives in German kitchens and the right. If you are fond of cooking passionately, this really sharp piece of jewelry should grow to complete the knife base. The traditional Chinese chef knives are the counterpart to traditional chef knives: they are equipped with a very wide blade, which makes the cutting and chopping of herbs and vegetables possible.

santoku knives

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Commercial Fridge Buying Guide

Wednesday, 8 February 2017 11:25:25 Europe/London

A kitchen without a refrigerator is unthinkable. This applies to private households, but even more to catering. However, the stricter rules on the hygiene and storage of foodstuffs require special equipment,a commercial kitchen fridge. What really matters with a refrigerator for the catering trade, this article aims shows somewhat more precisely.

What size fridge should I buy?

A general assessment of the size of the respective refrigerator can not be made. The physical size will depend on the size of the area you wish to store the fridge in. The capacity depends on the food held and the daily number of guests. Nevertheless, it should be appreciated that it is too large or too small. If the food is kept too tight, the energy consumption of the refrigerator increases. Of course, also consider:

      • + the annual electricity consumption and
      • + energy efficiency class

In addition, the food can be damaged by the close storage. A refrigeration unit with a capacity of 141 liters is mainly suitable for small snack stands and restaurants, where the fewest items have to be stored longer than a few hours. In large-scale catering, refrigerators with a capacity of more than 1,000 liters are estimated. The appliances often have a cooling air circulating system that simplifies the storage of food.

Before buying a refrigerator for restaurants you should therefore consider the following:

  • + Amount of food to be stored
  • + Estimated storage time
  • + type of food
  • + Is the food already prepared

Energy Efficiency Explained

Unlike washing machines , dishwashers or dryers no "standard operation" to measure the energy consumption is necessary for refrigerators because the refrigerator over the whole year in operation. In this respect, the description of the values ??on the EU product data sheet is simplified.

The key parameters are explained below:

Energy Efficiency

At this value resulting from the technological progress constantly changes. The classification is based not only on the electricity consumption, but also on the size (ie the net capacity, expressed in liters). It may well be that a refrigerator with an annual electricity consumption of 120 kWh is in a better energy efficiency class than one with only 90 kWh. The ratio of the two values ??to one another is decisive.

Note: A refrigerator in the residue class A +++ saves against an A + device average 50 percent energy. An A ++ appliance saves nevertheless still 25 percent less energy than an A + device. The higher purchase price for a more efficient device class is therefore worthwhile after a certain number of operating hours.

Annual electricity consumption

This is expressed in kilowatt hours and must always be seen in relation to the size of the device. However, the fact that this value plays an important role for the user of the refrigerator is also clear: the refrigerator is the only large electrical appliance in a kitchen that is permanently switched on all year round. It would be quite surprising if the annual electricity consumption were not shown separately on the energy label.

Hygiene Considerations

Already pre-prepared food stuff can simply stored in the refrigerator and usually takes up more storage space, however they can not be easily stored together with fresh food. So seperate shelves and storeage conpartmens is essential. If a gastronomy operation uses a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, the refrigerator should have additional compartments for storage. This is useful for hygienic reasons, as the compartments allow separation.

It is also important that restaurateurs are aware that professional refrigerators often do not have an integrated freezer compartment. As a rule, a freezer must be provided in addition to the refrigerator. This must, of course, guarantee compliance with the cold chain at all times.


What are the cost of a gastronomic refrigerator depends on various factors:

  • Size
  • Cooling variant
  • Design
  • Brand

A simple bottle refrigerator with a stainless steel case and a glass door is quite already available at a price as little as £350 for a Polar model. Refrigerated display cabinets, which are suitable for the display of finished food and have a decorative purpose, are more expensive. From around £400 restaurateurs have to start here, the size of the refrigerator and the shape of course make a difference. Simple display cabinets with a stainless steel base and a glass cover are cheaper than similar models, which already have cooling air circulation.

If the refrigerator serves the storage of food directly in the kitchen area, the optics plays only a subordinate role. Here it is more important that the device occupies as little space as possible, but offers sufficient space. Smaller devices such as undercounter fridges and smaller upright fridges are already available for less than £1000 without having to deal with any disadvantages. The temperature can easily be set in a range between minus 2 degrees and plus 8 degrees Celsius, while a thermometer integrated in the case displays the temperature continuously. Cooling is also integrated in the units.

Kitchens that need a larger capacity of 1,000 and more liters are more expensive to buy. The units usually have two doors and have a sufficient depth to accommodate boxes. It is especially useful in establishments which receive fresh meat directly from the butcher and have to refrigerate it before preparation, such refrigerators are ideal. However, they have their price. At least £1500 must be spent on such equipment. Foster cabinet fridges offer a great choice for storage size, useability and a competitive price for your professional kitchen.

How does a refrigerator actually work?

The functional principle of a refrigerator can be made clear with one sentence:

  • A refrigerator removes the heat in its interior and directs it into the environment.

Just: how does he do that? To understand this, we pursue once - similar to the dryers with heat pump - the way of the refrigerant without our refrigerator can not do:

The refrigerant

The refrigerant is a special fluid whose boiling point at about -30 ° C is. This boiling point is therefore considerably below the temperature of the food in the refrigerator. The refrigerant is exposed to heat in the interior of the refrigerator, thereby evaporating and thereby reducing the heat.

As refrigerant used today isobutane in the field of refrigerators and air conditioners under the name R-600a is used. R-600a has the advantage of a very low greenhouse effect, but is combustible and is therefore passed on to the inside rear wall of the refrigerator in the cooling compartment.

The evaporator

In the cold room (specifically in the back wall of the refrigerator compartment), there is a coil, called evaporator , in which the refrigerant of the heat of the inner space is exposed. Because of its extremely low boiling point evaporates here, the refrigerant and then flows as a gas continues to compressor.

This is actually the decisive point in the refrigeration chain: the evaporative heat of the refrigerant is precisely that heat which is withdrawn from the food in the interior of the refrigerator. There has thus become colder, and the vaporized coolant must now to be re-used in any way to its original liquid state are placed.

The compressor and the condenser

The re-liquefaction of the refrigerant is achieved with a trick: the compressor , the internal pressure of the now gaseous refrigerant is simply increased, and indeed so far that the condensation and boiling point moves in the vicinity of the normal room temperature. In capacitor (exposed to the normal room temperature) now condenses the gaseous refrigerant, will once again liquid and is at this change of its aggregate state heat to its surroundings (maybe one or two still recalls the conservation of energy from his school days: energy goes Never lost, but is always transformed into another form).

The thus recovered cooling liquid can now be fed back into the tube system in the interior of the refrigerator. But this must be controlled so that the temperature of the interior does not approach too much the -30 degrees of the cold liquid. Therefore, the amount of liquid which must be supplied to the evaporator again, by a throttle valve regulated. It is only when the temperature sensors report that it becomes too warm in the interior, that the whole process can be continued.

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Healthier Eating

Wednesday, 8 February 2017 11:24:14 Europe/London

Many new years reslotuions involve eating more healthily. This is an approach that can be taken at home and also can be used by restraunts and eaterys to keep their healthier customers happy all year round.
We have a few suggestions below of the type of kitchen equipment that can be offered to created tasty, healthy food for any customer.

A vegetable cutter: The easier you prepare and cut the vegetables, the more you will cook. A good vegetable cutter also allows you to make your pleasant aesthetically vegetables, facilitating the presentation of your dishes. Vegetable cutters & potato peelers provide a quick, convenient way to off your customers fresh vegtable produce.

veg cutter

Soup Blender: With a good blender, it's quick and easy to cook soup very delicious beneficial to health. Great as a starter or meal on the go for any busy restraunt or eatery.

soup blender

Oil Free Fryer: For a restaurant or eatery establishment that want to go that extra mile to ensure healthy options for thier customer, how about a oil free fryer for your chips? Healthier chips, with upto 60% less fat content.

oil free fryer

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