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Salmon Fillets on a Bed of Leeks

Friday, 14 April 2017 14:02:02 Europe/London

Good Friday Salmon Dish - Quick and Easy Cooking

Preparation time: 20 Minutes

Cooking Time: 20 minutes

Ingredients (for 4 people):

  • 4 salmon fillets
  • 4 leeks
  • 20 cl thick cream
  • salt , pepper
  • oil
  • curry

Preparation of the recipe :

Cut the leeks into slices (all white and a little green, about 3 centimetres), wash them and melt them in a non-stick frying pan with the oil, lid closed, so that they do not burn (about 15 min).

Before the end of cooking, add pepper and curry, salt as desired.

Then arrange the leeks in a baking dish, cover them with the salmon fillets, which can be peppered as you like, and cover the whole dish with fresh cream.

Place in the oven gas mark 6-7, for about 20 minutes, depending on the size of the salmon.

To change and according to the tastes, one can remove the curry, and instead, sprinkle the salmon with chiselled dill .

salmon on a bed of leeks

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Easter Egg Nest

Tuesday, 11 April 2017 09:51:20 Europe/London

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Cooking time: 25 minutes

Ingredients (serves 4):

  • 1 tablespoon of strong coffee
  • 150 grams of bitter dark chocolate
  • 4 eggs
  • 100g sugar powder
  • 100 g butter
  • 2 tablespoons rounded tablespoons flour

For the decoration: Small chocolate Easter eggs e.g Mini eggs

Preparation of the recipe :

Preheat the oven to 180 ° C (Gas Mark 6), and butter a mold shaped like a crown (Round cake mould with a hole in middle)

In a bowl, mix the egg yolks with the sugar until the mixture turns straw yellow.

Meanwhile, melt the chocolate in a bain-marie with the coffee.

When the chocolate is soft, add the butter in small pieces, let it melt, then mix to the fetch to obtain a smooth paste.

Add this mixture to the egg mixture, then add the sifted flour.

Whisk the whites until they are firm and stir well.

Pour the dough into the mold, up to two-thirds of the height. Slip into the oven and cook for 25 to 30 minutes.

Watch for the cooking, covering the paper cake with water, Aluminium if the top tends to gild a little too much.

Unmold on a tray, and let the cake cool completely.

Garnish the centre with small eggs and coloured sugar subjects.

Serve as is, or accompany a fragrant English cream with coffee or vanilla

easter cake easy to make

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How to Choose a Professional Fryer

Monday, 10 April 2017 14:00:32 Europe/London

Commercial fryers for catering kitchens - Hints and tips on buying

A few but valuable tips on choosing a professional fryer that suits your eatery.

People running ' restaurant business knows, the secret of good frying it's good for the taste buds and be more lightweight as possible for its customers, is right in the equipment, or the deep fryer !

The fryer, it allows you to quickly bring the oil to the right temperature , while remaining constant . In the world of fryers, however, there is a distinct difference between those professionals and those in use domestic . Those professionals are indistinguishable from those for domestic use primarily for capacity , for cooking times and especially for the ability resistance to work without interruption. So, nothing is more appropriate than a professional fryer inside a commercial catering kitchen.

However, those who come to take the first steps in this area, does not always know how to choose a professional fryer that is suitable fortheir purposes.

Doing it, however, is easier than you think and read the following post help you make the most appropriate choice.

How to make the right choice

The first thing to consider is the size and style of the fryer that you want to acquire, with respect to those types of frying are served in your room and how many people will be served. Free standing chip fryers are recommended for the busiest of kitchens. Whilst many takeaway shops can get by with a counter top fryer.

counter top fryers

The fryers have a capacity ranging from 4 litres up to 50 litres , and some have more tanks , designed to simultaneously when preparing fried different as those of fish and vegetables, in order not to mix the different flavors together.

To better understand the ability of the fryer suitable for your location, it should take into account that it is advisable to buy a deep fryer 20 litres or bigger for locations who have more than 100 seats, a smaller, however, for maximum of 50 seats would require in the regions of 10 litres.

If you choose an oversized machine will have the following disadvantages :

  • excessive cost management
  • too much oil thrown
  • not amortize the cost of the machine
  • Rates of excessive heating of the oil

standing fryers for chips

Fryer electric or gas? This is the question!

The categories in which they are divided fryers are two: a gas or electric , both with "pros" and "cons" to be reckoned with if you plan to buy one.

The electric fryer has performance better , heats up more quickly the oil temperature and so more uniform with respect to a gas fryer. It is also more economical because, at the time of ' purchase can save even £500 less than buying a gas fryer.

A gas fryer , however, has a lower cost compared to one that works thanks to electricity and is not likely to send in overloading the electrical system.

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Homemade Egg McMuffin

Monday, 3 April 2017 14:12:02 Europe/London

Create your own McDonalds egg McMuffins at home

Preparation time: 10 Minutes

Cooking Time: 3 minutes

Ingredients (for 4 people):

  • 4 muffins
  • 4 eggs
  • 4 slices of bacon
  • 4 thin slices of cheese

Preparation of the recipe :

Cut the muffin rolls in 2. Cook the eggs and bacon in a buttered pan.

Meanwhile heat the muffins in a toaster

Turn the eggs over to make them lightly cook on the other side.

Finally melt the cheese slices on the bacon.

Place the egg then the bacon and finally the slices of cheese between the 2 slices of muffins.

home made egg mcmuffin

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Cornflake Fried Chicken

Tuesday, 28 March 2017 14:48:08 Europe/London

Preparation time: 15Minutes

Cooking Time: 15 minutes

Ingredients (for 2 people):

  • 350 g chicken 
  • 1 large cup of corn flakes
  • 1/2 teaspoon of cumin
  • 1/2 teaspoon of paprika
  • olive oil (or sunflower)
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 pinch pepper

Preparation of the recipe :

Cut the cutlets into small pieces or small chunks.

On a plate, put a drop of oil and then mix the cumin and paprika, salt pepper.

Put the chicken in the marinade, brush well, then reserve.

Crush corn flakes into breadcrumbs. Mix with salt, pepper, cumin, paprika and 1 teaspoon flour breadcrumbs.

In another dish, mix the remaining flour with a teaspoon of salt.

In another bowl, beat the eggs .

Dip in the following order: chicken, egg then corn flakes. The chicken is ready to be fried in oil !!

Add oil to be heated to 180 ° C.

Fry 3 or 4 pieces at a time Oil should not cool too much), for 3 or 4 min on each side (depending on size). I advice to cook only one at the beginning to test the best cooking.

Once the chicken is cooked, arrange the pieces on a rack and paper towel.

Serve warm with fries or salad.

The cornflakes provide a larger, crunchier coating than fine breadcrumbs.

cornflake covered fried chicken

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Commercial Ovens Buying Guide

Monday, 27 March 2017 13:45:40 Europe/London

Choosing a Professional Oven

Ovens are sometimes described as the heart of a restoration establishment and this metaphor is not as strange as it may seem. An oven is the soul of any establishment and if it breaks down, all the activities of the kitchen are upset. It is therefore essential to choose the professional oven best suited to your business. Your choice will depend entirely on the type of facility you want to open.

An oven for all tastes

All catering establishments, whether they are a pizzeria, a café or a restaurant, have ovens of different types depending on the needs of the company. Before thinking about buying a professional oven, you must first think about the menus and type of cooking that will be carried out in order to choose the best option possible. Matching your oven choice to the rest of your commercial kitchen equipment is key.

Ovens available

You have the choice between different commercial ovens to equip a kitchen. Each oven has its specific uses and characteristics.

Gas and electric ovens

Designed to provide high temperatures for fast cooking, the generic professional oven is suitable for various uses. It comes in electric or gas version and in different dimensions. Your choice will usually depend on your past experience as the differences between these two types of ovens are minimal.

Request for advice on furnaces

When you are considering buying a commercial oven, look around and ask for advice from other restaurants. You can also read reviews of various ovens and brands on the market. Read reviews from other customers is often a good way to determine if a product is appropriate. Do not forget to carefully read the specification sheets indicating dimensions, capacities, temperature controls, gas / electricity requirements, ventilation recommendations and accessories.

Types of ovens

In addition to electric, gas and mixed cookers, there are specialised ovens adapted to different needs and requirements.

Convection oven

A normal furnace uses a combination of radiation from the walls and, to a lesser extent, from the convection of air to heat the food. Convection ovens convey more heat by convection than normal ovens using fans that force airflow. By quickly circulating hot air on food, convection ovens can operate at a lower temperature than a traditional oven, while cooking food faster. Convection ovens are ideal for fast, uniform cooking, as well as for oven-baked dishes such as lasagne or other stews.

parry convection ovens

Combined oven

A combined oven includes several cooking functions in a single kitchen appliance. This type of oven uses dry, static or ventilated heat, and steam that is injected into the oven when food requires it. The combined oven is the most versatile model in a professional kitchen. It cooks large quantities of vegetables in a fraction of the time needed to boil them and is ideal for cooking fish.

combination ovens

Steam oven

A steam furnace usually includes a removable water tank (even if some furnaces are connected to the water system). These types of ovens cook food quickly in steam, for a healthier cooking that retain all the flavors and vitamins. Pressurized models bake at 1000 ° C more than traditional ovens. Steam ovens only can not brown or brown foods and pressurized models can be too powerful for fish and desserts.

steam cookers

Pizza oven

Pizza ovens are available in electric or gas versions. They typically include two or more levels on top of each other for increased capacity and greater flexibility in the use of floor space. The height of the different levels varies according to the specific needs of cooking: pizza level 15 to 18 cm, rear level 18 to 20 cm, roasting level 30 to 50 cm. Reaching high temperatures, pizza ovens can also be used to cook other foods, such as large pieces of beef or large dessert bins.

professional pizza oven

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Foster Cabinet Friges

Friday, 17 March 2017 10:55:30 Europe/London

Overview of Foster commercial cabinet fridges

foster commercial fridges

EcoPro G2 Foster Commercial Fridge Range

The innovative features of the models of EPRO G2 make it the most efficient range of refrigerated cabinets on the market with about 30 liters of additional capacity

double door commercial fridge

Cabinets with ergonomic and aesthetic design

The modern and functional design of the EcoPro G2 line has been designed to meet the constraints of restoration. Ergonomics, convenience and cleanability have been optimised to facilitate everyday work in the kitchen or laboratory.

Cabinets with optimised energy performance

As proof, the EcoPro G2 has a consumption of 20% lower than the previous range already elected first of its class. An EP700H consumes less energy than a light bulb!

foster commercial firdges

Xtra Range

New range of XTRA cabinet: Reliable & Robust

Very neat finish and large storage volume: XR600

Two capacities are available: 600 and 1350 litres

All technical elements are very accessible for easy maintenance.

The external height of the cabinets makes it possible to move them from one room to another: they pass under the doors!

The cabinets of the Xtra range correspond perfectly to the needs of the professional kitchens

foster xtra cabinet fridges

XR1300 Refrigerator or freezer?

Whether it is for positive or negative temperature storage, the Xtra range meets your needs.

foster xr300 freezer

And quality?

Semi-recessed refrigeration equipment for increased available space, 60 mm thick high-density insulation, corrosion-resistant evaporators, electronic control with alarms, the choice of components is above all a sign of quality.

Available Options - Lighting, glass doors

foster glass door fridge

Compact Cabinet Fridges

FOSTER undercounter fridges meet the needs of cold storage in kitchens or small offices. Designed to slip under worktops, they can be installed anywhere, so they allow you to create a local coldstation that will save you a lot of travel, save you time, promote the circulation of your staff and ensure A perfect preservation of all stored fresh foodstuffs. Compact cabinets are professional refrigeration cabinets: They are built with the same materials and according to the same manufacturing processes as their big sisters.

foster undercounter commercial fridge

Main technical characteristics:

  • Aluminum interior lining
  • Exterior stainless steel or white PVC coating
  • Electronic temperature control with digital display on the front
  • Ventilated evaporator
  • Air-cooled refrigeration unit located at the rear of the cabinet
  • Doors equipped with sturdy handle and lock
  • Standard interior fittings: 2 storage racks

Fish Fridges

FOSTER commercial fish cabinets have been recognized for years for their exceptional conservation qualities. These cabinets equip many kitchens of prestigious establishments.

Thanks to their specific refrigeration system without ventilation, the fish is kept without ice for 10 to 15 days, it keeps all its freshness and dries. The absence of ice prevents the product from being burned on contact. Fish cupboard EP700F from Foster commercial kitchen fridges is the top of the line fish storage solution.

The containers are made of stackable food polypropylene and have a double perforated stainless steel bottom allowing storage of 60 to 150 kg of products according to the models.

The cabinet is made entirely of stainless steel (including pitting): Quality 304 for the exterior, quality 316 (special stainless steel for saline) for the interior.

The temperature control is electronic (+ 1 / -1 ° C) with digital display. The refrigerating capacity of each cabinet is large and allows operation in hot environments.

foster commercial fish fridge

Slim Line Cabinet Fridges

As its name suggests, this range of cabinets is designed for small kitchens or small offices. With a small depth and height, the size of the front panel (60 cm or 120 cm) makes it easy to place them in order to create a cold station. The refrigerating units of this range are placed at the bottom, Access the storage volume without having to bend down; In addition, the low positioning allows better cooling and avoids grease deposits on the condensers. The cabinets are equipped as standard with castors which allows them to be moved easily to clean the floor

The cabinets of the narrow line are professional refrigeration cabinets: They are built with the same materials and according to the same manufacturing processes as their big sisters.

Main technical characteristics:

  • Stainless steel exterior coating
  • Aluminium interior lining
  • Electronic temperature control with digital display on the front
  • Ventilated evaporator
  • Air-cooled refrigeration unit placed at the bottom
  • Doors fitted with recessed handles

slimline foster fridge

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3D Food Printers Gadget or Real Revolution?

Monday, 13 March 2017 10:22:44 Europe/London

By revolutionizing printing methods, 3D printers have opened the field of possibilities in many areas, including catering.

For until then, to reproduce in 3D an edible dish only existed in films or series ("Star Trek" or "Back to the Future"). But by becoming reality, this technology has paved the way for a new way of cooking, as well as a whole range of culinary possibilities until then unexplored.

It may not be very well received by all the chefs and cooks, for fear of cooking in the place of them, but it can certainly benefit restaurant owners, especially in terms of creativity and efficiency!

How does a 3D food printer work?

To understand what 3D printers can do to chef, you first need to know how they work.

In general, the 3D food printer works in the same way as traditional printing: food is deposited, like ink, one layer after another, on a support (paste, cake, plate ...)

The printer thus reproduces a pattern or design previously drawn or programmed on a touch screen by a person with selected ingredients and placed in one or more containers.

What a 3D printer can do

At present, 3D food printers are only at the beginning of their possibilities and can not yet reproduce a ready-to-eat meal, using fresh ingredients. But they are on the right track

What Existing Models Can Do:

Spread, fill or draw shapes and patterns (write a name on a cake with grout, make a frosting with patterns, spread a tomato coulis, processed cheese ...) Create 'sculptures' in 3D (sugar cubes, flower, chocolate sculpture)

3D printed Nutella

What they can not do:

They can only process foods that have already been processed into paste, puree or liquid. This limits the type of basic ingredients since not all food can be mixed or pulped. They do not mix the ingredients, do not cook the creations and do not assemble the shapes created ... All the designs, recipes and others are of course programmed via a touch screen. It is also up to the chef to pour the liquid ingredients into capsules or container.

The possibilities of food printers

Two conferences in 2015 and 2016 on the contributions of 3D food printers have identified the benefits of these technologies. The possibilities are enormous:

  • Reduction of waste and food wastage: they allow, among other things,
  • Reuse what was once considered food waste, can create edible cutlery or containers, can use all parts of food.
  • Practicality: Because these 3D printers can prepare to eat in exceptional situations where there is no access to a kitchen (eg NASA astronauts already use this technology)
  • Guaranteed balanced meals: 3D printers can be programmed to produce balanced meals, with all the necessary nutritional and caloric intakes. They can therefore potentially help in the fight against the phenomenon of junk food by quickly preparing a balanced meal at home or in canteens.
  • They could also design personalised meals and meet the individual needs and diets of each person.
  • Easy-to-eat dishes: Food printers can recreate foods (eg, an easy-to-eat carrot) or create dishes that are easier to chew, while retaining all of their properties. This could greatly benefit seniors or those with dysphagia problems. Europe is already funding a project of this type to design food better suited to the elderly.
  • Fighting hunger in the world: more efficient use of available food, use of alternative resources (in whole or in part) inedible. Creation of new generation foods, made from proteins derived from algae, insects or others, restored in edible ingredients.

The story does not yet say whether these 3D food printers will remain of the order of the gadget or if they will become a daily tool for restaurateurs, accompanying their work without ever taking their place.

Nevertheless, the possibilities they offer in terms of creativity, efficiency and personalization are unique and should be of interest to many leaders. In London, the first restaurant offering a kitchen in 3D printing opened in 2016. The dishes are prepared under the eyes of customers, the staging being part of the identity of the establishment.

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Choosing a professional bain marie

Monday, 13 March 2017 09:43:53 Europe/London

The bain marie is a device widely used by communities and caterers , but also more generally in many restaurants and by other professionals of the food trades . It makes it possible to reheat foods, to keep them at a certain temperature and even to make some cooking . A multifunctional tool that has to be carefully chosen ...

The bath marries: what is it?

By definition, it is a method of baking or melting an ingredient within a container which is itself in a larger container filled with liquid (usually water).

But it can also offer other benefits such as keeps it at temperature , for example. You can use it to melt chocolate, margarine, butter ... A practice very useful in pastry . It can allow you to cook food that does not have direct contact with heat such as flan, sabayon, béarnaise sauce ... This type of cooking is very soft, which preserves all vitamins and minerals naturally contained in food . In addition indirect cooking prevents your food from burning. So you're unlikely to miss your cooking. Indeed, the temperature is limited to the boiling point of the water.

wet well bain marie

How to choose a professional bain marie?

Before choosing your device, you must take into account several criteria: capacity, maintenance, the need for mobility ... Here are more details.


It will be necessary to choose your bain marie according to your needs in terms of quantities . For example, if you use it for occasional cooking , you can opt for a appliance to place , which can accommodate a 1/1 GN tray . If you need a bain-marie to keep several dishes warm before or during a service, then you will have to opt for a showcase or a piece of furniture that offers several locations for GN 1/1.

In a GN 1/1 tray , it is possible to adapt 3 trays GN 1/3 , 4 trays GN 1/4 or 2 trays GN 1/2 , and others in multiples. Depending on how you use it, these modular bins are very practical. For example, to keep a sauce dish warm , we will opt for a 1/1 GN tray, to melt 3 types of chocolates: 3 GN 1/3, etc.

The cold water bath It is a technique to cool hot dishes that are tasted cold , such as custard for example. The principle is identical to a hot water bath, the difference comes from the temperature of the water. It can also be used to keep certain dishes at low temperatures .

Vacuum cooking is a culinary method that keeps all the flavor of food and is very easy to manage. Indeed, vacuum cooking is done on a low temperature water bath and can not "burn" the food, there is no risk that they are overcooked. As a result, it is not necessary to monitor food throughout cooking. The greatest starred chefs have been cooking under vacuum for many years. The food is softer, more creamy, does not suffer any loss of weight ... Also, this cooking does not require any addition of fat, so it is very healthy.


The first criterion to consider is mobility . Indeed, some professions will need a unit mobile in order to carry the dishes at external events, or their kitchens to their space services , for example. It will then be necessary to choose one mounted on wheels , such as trolleys for example.

bain maire on wheels

The material

If you wish to limit the maintenance time granted to your appliance, we advise you to choose one in stainless steel . This material does not stick to dirt and is very easy to clean. Generally, they are all stainless steel to meet health and safety standards . In addition, stainless steel allows constant and rapid heat propagation.

Also, a device equipped with an emptying system will save you considerable time when cleaning your appliances.

The dry water bath The "dry" water baths operate on the same principle as water baths, except that the liquid used to make the transition between the heating resistors and the stainless steel tanks is replaced by air. Air, like water, can be heated or cooled, if you want hot or cold dishes. The advantage of the dry system is that it is easier to maintain, due to the absence of water (no emptying, deposition of limestones ...).

dry heat bain maries

The presentation

If you need a bath that will be installed in front of the guests , such as a buffet , a self or a catering service for example, we recommend you to opt for the windows . They are equipped with windows that allow customers to see through, while protecting food. If you need your customers to serve , go for a self serving option .

self serving bain marieheated display with bain maries

With the growing success of the vacuum baking and low temperature cooking , this is the big trend of the moment, the essential tool to have in a professional kitchen! Find yours here: all bain maries .

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Present your menus with class

Wednesday, 1 March 2017 10:58:51 Europe/London

If you are a restaurant manager, you should know that the menu that you present to your customers must imperatively take effect. A well-built map with a clear and simple menu is to be preferred. Today, we present our menu-protectors available in our Kitchen & Catering shop. An indispensable tool for the image of your restaurant!

Conventional menus

This is the most popular type of menu shield on our shop, our best seller! In A5 or A4 format, there really is something for everyone. With a PVC or imitation leather cover, many menu protectors are available according to the image you want to give from your restaurant.

In addition, there are also special menus for drinks and wines. This will allow you to lighten your menu card, but it is also a good alternative for breweries or bars.

The LED menu display

The menu displays with LED is a must-have if you want a room with a really classy look. Evening meals will be served in a very appreciated atmosphere of your customers. A little more expensive to buy this type of display-menu however is the guarantee of a unique room!

LED menu display

Simply store your menus

Because our shop really thinks about everything, we also offer a wide range of menu storage solutions. These accessories will allow you to keep your menus in good condition and it will also avoid your servers scatter them all over the place. You can also buy these range-menus directly with the protections menus sold in the shop.

multi menu storage

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